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G&T Industries

Foam Fabrication

in Pennsylvania

At G&T Reading, Pennsylvania, we are committed to serving our customers with integrity, compassion, and uncompromising quality. We strive to exceed expectations, delivering rubber and foam fabrication solutions that contribute to the success and growth of our clients’ businesses.

Our Areas of Expertise

G&T Byron Center offers a comprehensive range of foam products and services, including:


Horizontal/vertical band saw cutting:

Precisely cutting rubber sheets or blocks into desired shapes and sizes, either horizontally or vertically.

High-speed slitting:

A method used to slit rubber sheets or rolls into narrower strips quickly and accurately, often for gasket production or sealing applications.

Kiss cutting:

Delicately cutting rubber materials to create adhesive-backed parts or components, commonly used in gasket manufacturing or sealing solutions.

Die cutting:

Cutting intricate shapes and designs out of rubber sheets using a die, ideal for producing custom gaskets or seals.

Waterjet cutting:

Precisely cut rubber materials using a high-pressure jet of water mixed with abrasives, suitable for complex shapes and thick rubber sheets.


Shaving off layers of rubber sheets, enhancing flexibility, or achieving precise thickness for specific applications like belting or seals.


Bonding multiple layers of rubber together to create composite materials with desired properties, such as strength, elasticity, or chemical resistance.

Adhesive application:

Applying adhesive substances to rubber materials for bonding or sealing purposes, ensuring strong and durable connections in rubber products.

Roll slitting:

Slitting rubber materials into narrower rolls or strips, commonly employed in rubber sheeting or conveyor belt manufacturing.

Our Unique Advantages

Rubber Fabrication:

The unique advantage of rubber fabrication lies in its versatility and durability. It allows for the creation of customized solutions tailored to specific needs, offers resilience against diverse environmental factors, and ensures long-lasting performance across various applications.

Our Sales Team

Bob Shumoski

General Manager
Phone: 610-374-6700 x2674
Cell: 484-369-9384

Tony Canestra

Territory Manager
Office: 610-374-6700
Cell: 267-254-1873

Rick Scott

Territory Sales Manager
Phone: 610-374-6700
Mobile: 610-637-6041

G&T Commitment

Creative Solutions to Complex Problems

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