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Why G&T Industries

At G&T Industries, genuine human connections are the foundation of our success. We value every interaction as it fosters mutual growth. Our commitment to your success is a promise and a core principle that guides us in every project.

Our Foundation

Since our founding in 1954 by Robert S. Greiner and K. Kenneth Tarbell, G&T Industries has been dedicated to the craft of foam fabrication. Initially catering to the demand for post-war contract office seating foam, we swiftly recognized opportunities for expansion into many industries. From furniture to packaging, medical to transportation, and beyond, our proficiency in polyurethane and polyethylene foam fabrication has laid the foundation for our diverse industry portfolio. Here’s to 70 years of excellence!

Fueled by Innovation and Customer Satisfaction

G&T Industries is committed to innovation and customer service excellence. Whether it’s polyethylene fabrication or cross-linked foam, we are always exploring new materials. Our investment in cutting-edge equipment has helped us grow over the years. Under the leadership of Chairman Emeritus Bob Wood, we have become a people-centric organization focused on providing unique solutions to complex problems.

Strategic Locations for Seamless Operations

G&T Industries’ strategically located facilities ensure proximity to key markets and efficient distribution. With facilities in Reading, Pennsylvania for the Northeast, Jasper, Indiana for the Midwest, and Byron Center, Michigan for the Great Lakes region, each location contributes to their goal of delivering excellent solutions in innovative ways.

Byron Center, MI

Reading, PA

Jasper, IN

Expanding Horizons with Strategic Acquisitions

In 2015, our ability to creatively solve our customers’ complex problems expanded with the acquisition of Foam Fair Industries, diversifying our offerings into the rubber industry. This strategic move broadened our capabilities, enabling us to better serve our clients across multiple industries.

International Sourcing Pioneers

We established World Resource Partners to respond to the global market’s demand for streamlined sourcing solutions. This subsidiary specializes in sourcing high-quality components from Asia, empowering businesses to access global resources without compromising quality or reliability.

Gaining Leverage in Marine Upholstery

On January 1, 2018, Crane Interiors joined the G&T Industries family, enriching G&T’s portfolio. This acquisition strategically bolstered G&T’s position in marine upholstery, marking a significant step forward for the company in this sector.

Our Approach


Effective Collaboration

Quality assurance is vital to our operations. We conduct extensive pre-production testing to identify and mitigate potential risks and issues.

Tailored Solutions

Leveraging our extensive knowledge of materials and design principles, we assist you in selecting materials and design features optimized for your unique needs and product's performance.

Precision Foam Development

During the development phase we maintain both speed and precision. With our cutting-edge technology and highly skilled engineering team, we quickly produce top-quality foam prototypes.

Quality Every Step of the Way

Quality assurance is vital to our operations. We conduct extensive pre-production testing to identify and mitigate potential risks and issues.

Efficient Solutions

Once designs are validated, we seamlessly transition to commercial production, offering turnkey manufacturing, packaging, and distribution services throughout our strategically located U.S. facilities.

Exceeding Expectations

We aim to go above and beyond to ensure reliability, precision, and care in all aspects of the process, from design to prototyping, manufacturing, kitting, and drop shipping.

Our Commitment

Building Trusted Relationships

G&T Industries prioritizes building trust and fostering personal relationships with our customers. Specializing in foam and rubber fabrication, upholstery, assembly, and order fulfillment, we strive to serve you, our trusted partner, as a cutting-edge solutions-driven company. Our dedication to discipline and continuous improvement ensures our customers receive innovative, tailored solutions to meet unique needs.

Embracing Sustainability

At G&T Industries, sustainability is a guiding principle in every aspect of our operations. From design to manufacturing and product lifecycle management, we embrace environmentally responsible practices to minimize our footprint on the planet.

Empowering Ownership

As an employee-owned company, every member of the G&T Industries team is personally invested in our shared success. We take pride in our achievements and our role as partners in our customers’ success stories.

Creative Solutions to Complex Problems

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